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One thing is certain: leggings are familiar with controversy and debates. Some swear by them and others are ready to fight for the end of leggings outside the gym!

At MFMK, we’re more on the pro-leggings’ side. They’re super comfy, versatile and they’re now offered in an incredible range of colours and textures! BUT since nothing is ever all right or all wrong, we will take a look at the main criticisms aimed at leggings, and show you a few ways to prevent any faux pas!




Yes, leggings are skin tight, and if you wear them with a short top, they leave little to the imagination. However, if you go for long tops that hide the bum (and the crotch), where’s the problem?



Depending on the model you choose, leggings can definitely be trendy! This season, look for prints, textured fabrics and athletic leggings. By the way, here are our favourites!



If you wear your leggings with a big hoodie, of course, you’ll look like you’re about to sing songs around the campfire… But initially, leggings are sportswear. There’s nothing lazy about these looks! 



Good quality leggings should never be see-through, even if you stretch them. Before wearing them outside, do one or two squats in front of your mirror. You’ll see for yourself! With these, you’ll never have to worry about anyone seeing through your leggings!



These looks clearly deserve to be seen!  Leather, suede, glen check… We love these leggings and would totally wear them at the office!



Try as we might, you just can’t change your mind about leggings? But you still like comfort, right? These pants are super comfy, and they’re NOT leggings. Enjoy!


In short, with a few reservations, we say yay to leggings! What do you think?


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October 26, 2018 04:53

I'll say to the leggings 'YAY'! My point is that for the gym and everyday life for girls much better to wear something colorful. My daughter is 7 years old now and she adores The Little Mermaid cartoon. Every Halloween she dresses the same character. When I was scrolling online stores to find some sport wear she saw a perfect pair of leggings for me. The 'Colorful Mermaid Multi Colored Yoga Leggings'. I bought them on https://flexyfeli.com/ a year ago and still using. I put this leggings everywhere. For taking children from school, to the mall, going to the grocery store and yoga of course. When it's a cold season, after finishing my class I just put my pants on the leggings and not afraid to be cold. And daghter smiles because I support her tastes. Actually I think that these leggings is a favorite part of my wardrobe!

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