We all tend to stay in our comfort zone because it’s the easiest thing to do and venturing forth into the unknown can be quite frightening. But what if that safe zone was holding you back from beautiful experiences? 

At MFMK, we all have our style, habits and little struggles… but what happens when you dare to try the ONE thing you always wanted or the piece of clothing you thought wasn’t for you? That’s what you’re about to discover!


Let’s start with THE BOSS (we’re not allowed to call her that)… So, Elise isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and she likes to tell us how, when she was in high school, she used to wear her overalls backwards just to be different (I’m still wondering how she managed to go to the bathroom…). Anyways, Elise is usually willing to wear anything she feels like, but sometimes, after two kids, you become a bit more self-conscious about certain things. When crop tops became popular, Elise was really tempted to give them a try… but she was also pretty sure they wouldn’t suit her. Despite that, when she really fell for one of those cute crop tops, she bought it and skilfully paired it with a high-rise skirt that was ideal to conceal her little belly. With a nice pair of heels, it was perfect!



Let’s continue with our newbie (who’s not so new anymore): Christine! In her early thirties, Christine developed a passion for skateboarding and made it her lifestyle. Hence… caps, ripped jeans, Vans clothing and piercings have defined her style for some time now! However, for weddings, family reunions or other special occasions, she needs to tone down her style a bit so she doesn’t clash too much. So for Christine, the challenge is to wear a little classic dress and still feel good about herself. How does she do it? She finds the little touch that makes her feel special. A newsboy cap is enough to bring to light her beautiful and fun personality!



Then comes Anick, the elder of our group. We have to admit it: she’s a real fashionista!  We’re used to seeing her every day with outfits that seem straight out from editorial magazines… but one morning, she arrived at the office wearing a tone-on-tone lilac outfit, which looked like an aerobic suit from the 80s. Since we all like to tease each other, we holeheartedly seized this perfect occasion to have a good laugh! No, this look wasn’t on the Vogue cover the next day, but this anecdote is the proof that it doesn’t matter if your look doesn’t meet with unanimity, as long as you like it! This story only adds to Anick’s colourful personality. Unfortunately, we don't have a picture of this memorable outfit, but the one we have for you today is just as audacious. There is also the time when she decided to wear a headband-turban, but that actually became super trendy!



Let’s end with Stellerine. Despite her name (which is, let’s say, a little unusual), our youngest team member has a much more classic style. When a new trend emerges, she always needs a bit of time to get used to it, even though the outfits she dreads can seem pretty accessible to others. Her biggest fear: wearing an outfit that doesn’t suit her body type. Hence, when Stellerine saw a picture of an actress wearing a bodysuit (which reminded her of her ballet classes when she was young) and paper-bag pants, she had a real crush for the outfit. However, because it had been years since the last time she had worn a leotard (and she was also unfamiliar with the puffiness of paper-bag pants) she waited for weeks before trying the outfit she desperately wanted to wear. Now she wears it all the time with confidence, and who knows, maybe next time, she’ll give the next trend a try before Anick can even think of it! We can always dream, right…?


Finally, we just hope that our little anecdotes about the time we stepped out of our comfort zone will inspire you to stray away a bit from your fashion habits and try new things. At the end, if you don’t try, you’ll never know!

We want to know, what is your fashion goal/challenge? 

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