Considering all the time we spend at the office, having a professional wardrobe that we like and that reflects our personality is not a whim. Everyday routine easily sets in and it’s our duty to make sure we don’t get bogged down. Therefore, here are many great ways to revamp your office look so it lives up to your potential!



The ultra-trendy pleated skirt is definitely an item you must have in your work wardrobe! It’ll look amazing with a simple white shirt. Simply tuck your shirt into your skirt and if you want to give your look some volume, create a bit of extra puff around the waist. Regarding shoes, wear sandals or pumps while you still can, or go for cute booties.

Psst! To go from the office to happy hour in style, add a blazer or even a denim jacket!



Nowadays, it’s quite fashionable to mix elegance and sportswear, so, the comeback of the polo shirt makes a lot of sense! With long or short sleeves, we really like to wear our polo shirt with a pencil skirt. If your job allows it, complete the outfit with sneakers. Mixing styles isn’t a faux pas. In fact, it’s quite the contrary!



Tartan went through many incredible turns of events. In 1746, the government made the wearing of tartan a criminal offence to bring the Scottish clans under control. The royal association with tartan only began in 1822, when King George lV wore a tartan kilt when he visited Scotland. In 1970 the bubble burst when the punk movement seized the symbol to protest against the ruling class. Today, you can wear this textile in plenty of ways. Adopt it at the office to add colours and textures to your outfits!

Psst! Tartan goes really well with leather, since this material also has a noble and a rebellious side.



These cute t-shirts you’ve been looking at for months aren’t strictly reserved for weekends. You can totally wear them at the office. Simply combine them with your classic basics. There’s nothing like a simple tee to revamp a fitted suit and your black pumps!




This season, you’ll easily find many pretty versions of the wrap dress. Whether you prefer a super professional and fitted model or a flowier version, the crossover wrap design will definitely help to define your gorgeous silhouette!

Psst! A lot of these dresses come with a soft belt that ties at the waist. In all cases, adding a bigger belt is always a good idea. Maybe you can even give this super trendy western belt a try?



Forget about boring blouses and shirts and fall for these fun versions! Thanks to cute embroideries, flowy textiles, tie necks and funky patterns, our suggestions stand out from the others!




Paperbag pants are so stylish, with their high pleated waist and accent belt. Since they create volume, wear them with a fitted top to create a harmonious outfit.


Enjoy your new office look and keep reaching for the best! 

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