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Have you heard of Blond Story? In 2013, Virginie Goudreault created this platform to inspire those who, like her, want to have a more balanced life. Whether you’re looking for delicious and nutritious recipes, fun ways to move or to relax, beauty hacks or eco-friendly must-haves, you’ll find it all on her website!

Among the numerous lifestyle blogs you’ll find on the Internet, Blond Story stands out because of its authenticity and professionalism. Over the years, Blond Story has welcomed many professionals who write specialized content. This way, whether you need advice related to nutrition, sports or even aromatherapy, you’re sure to get relevant information. 

Without further ado, welcome to Virginie’s fascinating universe!


On Blond Story, you share your tricks and findings for a healthy lifestyle. Have you always been passionate about finding the right balance between mind and body?

I’ve always had a healthy lifestyle. My mom showed me the importance of eating well and being active at a really early age.

However, I started Blond Story precisely because at a certain point, I completely lost by balance. I couldn’t find time to move, I was working too much, I would always eat on the run…

We feel like people are more and more concerned by their well-being. Do you have the same impression?

Effectively, I notice that well-being is becoming more and more trendy, which is a good thing. However, at Blond Story, we see health and well-being as a lifestyle and not just a trend. I hope people are really into it and that it’s not just another fad.

You’ve surrounded yourself with a specialized team that allows you to have more variety and super informative content. Was it part of your plans from the beginning?

When I first launched Blond Story, in 2013, I was only blogging for fun. A year after, I was studying full time, working 30-40 hours a week and trying to blog as often as I could, and I almost had a burnout. That’s when I decided that things had to change. It’s also at that time that I met Sarah Fortin, who is now my associate. She gave me the courage to start our business.

This association also led to my online magazine, which now has about 20 specialists who share their knowledge and expertise to inspire as many people as possible to live a balanced life.

To succeed in your field, it takes a LOT of time, and it also means numerous hours on the computer and social media. Is it hard to combine the lifestyle you promote and the requirements of your business? 

Definitely! I’m just starting to figure out how to do it. I NEED to have an active lifestyle. When I’m stuck in front of my computer for too long, I don’t feel good.

For a little while now, I’ve been trying to figure a way to manage my online magazine, which is read by more than 80 000 people every month, but still have some quality time away from my computer. Once again, Sarah helped me figure it out. Her secret? Organization and planning!

Your gorgeous blond hair is to die for! For those who wish they had hair like yours, what are your best tips and tricks?

People ask me this question all the time! On the one hand, I think it probably has a lot to do with genetics. I’ve always had healthy hair. On the other hand, the fact that I take good care of myself also contributes to the health of my hair. That being said, I have other issues. I’ve always suffered from acne and I still do.

Also, I always use natural products, including Attitude’s Super Leaves shampoo and hair conditioner.

Clothes-wise, how would you describe your style?

I like casual clothes. I don’t really follow fashion trends. I always try to go for clothes that suit me, and most importantly, that feel good to wear!

What are your fashion inspirations?

 I’m a bit of a poorly shod shoemaker. I don’t really follow any fashion blogs or influencers. Fashion-wise, I’m mostly influenced by my sister-in-law and some of my friends.

What would be your advice for those who want to have a blog and make a living out of it as you do? 

I’d tell them to do it for the right reasons. Whether you like fashion, interior design or cooking, you should only start a business if you feel the need to share your passion with others.

You also need to do it with authenticity and without expectation, and most of all, you shouldn’t compare yourself to others!

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