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The bodysuit was all the rage during the 80s, and after a slowdown, it’s finally back in force! We often associate this garment with ballerinas and gymnasts, but is it really its true origins?

In fact, it all goes back to the mid-19th century, when a French trapeze artist named Jules Léotard asked for a special garment that would fit him like a glove. Thereafter, numerous women adopted it, such as many pin-ups of the 50s and Jennifer Beals, in Flashdance. 

In short, whether a man, a well-endowed woman or a slender dancer wears it, the leotard clearly has a taste for the spectacular! Besides, it’s not surprising that today’s most popular superstars love it so much. From Madonna to J.Lo and even Lady Gaga, they all fell for it, and all our favourite brands have their own version of the bodysuit. But what about you? Is this famous garment suitable for all ages, silhouettes and occasions? Can bodysuits also work wonders for you? Oh yes, and you’re about to find out how to wear them like a boss! 

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Vacations are the perfect occasion to adopt those cute and fancy bodysuits you’ve been dreaming of! Let yourself be tempted by backless designs (SO LOVELY!) or fun colours. To complete your outfit, simply go for printed shorts and ultra-comfy sandals to visit and explore all day long!




If the bodysuit is somewhat untamed… it also has a more serious side! Indeed, if you go for more professional cuts, like a high neck, it’s perfect for the office. The ideal way to make it more formal is to combine it with chic ample pants and to add a fitted blazer or to go for a bodysuit that already looks like a blazer. Add a pair of high heels with pointed toes and you’re ready to go. You’re afraid to feel self-conscious if you wear such a fitted garment at the office? With a high rise and a blazer, you have nothing to worry about and, unlike regular tops, bodysuits have the added benefit of tucking in seamlessly to whatever bottoms you choose, giving you a more polished look!



Bodysuits are perfect to stand out from the crowd, and that’s why they’re ideal for special occasions! But what should you wear with your bodysuit? You will look stunning with a pencil skirt and it’s also a great way to flatten a little tummy! Put on your high heels and you’re all set! Not comfortable showing your arms? Add a see-through blouse or choose a long sleeve bodysuit.



Bodysuits are also perfect for the weekend! We love athletic, fun or casual designs that allow you to take part in all your activities! To complete this relaxed look, simply go for rolled hem denim shorts and a cute pair of sneakers!


Are you ready to step out in your one-piece wonder?

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