He’s adorable, funny and very caring… but you have to admit it: he dresses badly! Don’t panic, our handy step-by-step guide should improve the situation.


You don’t like your boyfriend’s dress style… Well, you should try to understand why. Ideally, you need to discuss it with him, if you haven’t already done so. If you want the discussion to go smoothly, it's important that you understand that you don’t possess the absolute stylistic truth. Maybe you just have different tastes when it comes to clothing, and a bit of open-mindedness could help. Perhaps your boyfriend doesn’t choose the best cuts for his body type or he’s a bit out of trend. The idea is to identify what you don’t like. That way, you don’t criticize everything and it’s easier to come up with propositions.



The time has come to order a few pieces you dream to see him wear. However, it’s important not to rush him. If he only wears video game tees, it’s probably better to start with a polo shirt instead of a James Bond suit, right? So, for this step, you want to keep it slow and explore different types of cuts.

PS: Men often wear clothes that are too large for them, and whether they’re slender or bulkier, it just looks like they’re trying to cover up their body. Take the opportunity to go for cuts that are more adjusted and modern, like chino pants, slim jeans and slim or semi-slim shirts.

PPS: It’s also important that you tell your partner how beautiful he is with his new clothes. Making changes is always easier when you feel encouraged. However, if the clothes don’t fit as you expected, don’t lie to him! Simply offer to explore other possibilities with him. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day!



Warning: Do not proceed with the next step if things aren’t going well. There is no rush… No one is going to die. Your significant other just has bad taste in fashion! Haha! Don’t throw everything away; simply make room for new acquisitions! If your boyfriend hasn’t really said what he thinks, let him do so. Go over his entire wardrobe and try to understand his choices and needs. Is he obsessed with comfort? Is he self-conscious about his body? Who knows, perhaps this activity will even help you to know each other better!



It’s time to take this one step further and brighten up his wardrobe with fun pieces. You need a few ideas? Here are the masculine trends that are all the rage this year!







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