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2017 has been the year of women rising up. The solidarity movement started with the Weinstein scandal in Hollywood, but very quickly, women from all around the world pulled together and spoke out. Based on the hundreds of thousands of women who joined the #MeToo movement, we can definitely say that women are much more conscious that things have to change. In all spheres of life, we can see how the Girl Power phenomenon evolves, and the impact is already visible in fashion.

The craze for feminist t-shirts are probably the most obvious sign that there’s a fashion revolution. Of course, there will always be people saying that wearing a ''free-spirited woman'' t-shit doesn’t make her one, but we think that living in an environment that’s full of these symbols is truly inspiring!

Just by looking at bras, we can see that women want to feel free. Bralettes, which highlight the natural curves of the breasts, are everywhere, and many audacious women even prefer not to wear a bra at all! In the same vein, naked back and other garments that look better without a bra are also really popular.

Whether it’s politics, sports or business, women can shine in all spheres of life. Women suit jackets, boxy blazers and even androgynous suits are everywhere lately. Powerful boss girls definitely run the fashion world! 

Finally, when it comes to shoes, we’re totally free to wear whatever we feel like. You want to put on sneakers to go through your super-productive day, go ahead! For the evening, you feel like putting on heels and drinking a beer to celebrate everything you’ve accomplished? Why not?

Can you feel the wind of change? Female empowerment and fashion are definitely a good match!


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