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For our photoshoot with Cynthia Dulude, passionate YouTuber and makeup artist, but also huge fan of pinterest-ish settings, we were looking for an enchanting place. As soon as we saw Le Vignoble de la Bauge, we knew we had found the perfect spot!

When you first decided to become a makeup artist, what was your goal?

I just wanted to have contracts, but in college, when I studied Artistic Makeup, they told us it could take up to seven years to have a real career. In class we never talked about having a career on YouTube, because back then, it wasn’t really possible!

Were you interested in becoming a public figure?

No. I never wanted to be a TV host or anything like that. When I was younger, I wanted to be a comedian, but it’s because I like to act. It wasn’t about being famous.

Are you more of an introverted or an extroverted?

More of an introverted. When I studied makeup, I was seventeen, and I was super shy. Talking in front of the class was really stressful. Some classmates were really surprised when they saw I was making videos on YouTube, because I was so discreet when I was in college. For me, it’s not the same. When I do my videos, there’s nothing to be nervous about. If I screw up, no one will ever know! 


You were one of the first Quebecers to post beauty videos on YouTube. Did other YouTubers influence you?

Yes! I I’ve always watched a lot of beauty channels in English, and I noticed that we didn’t really have any in Quebec. Not everybody understands English, so I decided to do something similar to what I was seeing in English, but in French, for Quebecers. Now, many girls from France also watch my videos!

Would you still try to become a YouTuber, now that the competition is much more fierce than when you started posting videos online?

Probably! If you start a YouTube channel and you don’t like it, you can just delete your videos and that’s it. Would the competition have been an obstacle? Hard to tell… I get easily discouraged, but I don’t give up! Many people want to become YouTubers, but when they realize how hard they have to work for it, they give up. I’ve been making videos for 7 years, and perseverance is the key!  

When you first started, did you have a background in communications and marketing?

No, not at all! When I started out, I only had a YouTube account. It’s my sister who insisted that I needed to be on Instagram and Snapchat. As for technical things like video editing, I really learned by doing. Even now, I don’t attend any social media workshops and that kind of stuff. Most people are more strategic than I am. I follow my instinct.


Now that YouTubing is your full-time job, do you still do everything by yourself?

Regarding YouTube, I’m in charge of everything. My agency, Le Slingshot, only takes care of my contracts. Being a YouTuber means you have to do many things by yourself. I often think that I would need two of me. Many people tell me I should hire an assistant, but if I’m going to tell him exactly how to do everything, I prefer to do it myself!

Being an influencer is the new cool thing. What to you think of the term influencer?

I’m not really fond of the term influencer, because we all have a certain influence. You can tell your sister that you really liked a shampoo, and she’ll buy it, just like my subscribers do. The only difference is that I have a bigger reach. I don’t mind that people call me an influencer, but it’s never the first word I use to describe myself.

In your new magazine, Edition Papier, we can feel that self-confidence is very important to you. Can it be hard to have realistic beauty standards when you work in the beauty and social media industry?

It’s not always easy. Like I said in the magazine, when I realized that so many YouTubers were having lip enhancement, I wondered if I should do it too. But it didn’t take me long to realize that I didn’t have to. The key, especially when it comes to Instagram, is to stay away from people who make you feel like you don’t fit in. It’s important to be surrounded by positive influences.   

Exposing yourself on social media also means being exposed to criticism. How do you handle it?

Constructive criticism is fine. I think we need it. However, when it comes to mean and pointless criticism, it’s frustrating. If someone picks on someone else, like my mother who appears in some of my videos, I automatically delete the comment and block the person. If I’m the target, it depends. Sometimes I respond, sometimes, my community defends me. What’s sad is that it only takes one really hurtful comment to overshadow all the others.


Are you comfortable doing your groceries without makeup?

Sometimes, I find it a bit challenging. I don’t really like to meet my subscribers without any makeup. It’s a bit like when you bump into someone you know… you want to look your best. But it’s stupid, because they can see me bared face all the time, in the morning, on my vlog channel.

What do you think about the No Makeup Day?

I understand why they do it, but I’m not sure it’s the best way to reconnect with your natural beauty. Some subscribers told me that they usually wear a lot of makeup and they went to school without any on that day. People said mean things, and now, they’re afraid to do it again. I’m more into a soft and progressive approach. 


Your thing is makeup, but are you also interested in fashion?

When I was young, I wanted to make costumes and I liked to wear extravagant clothes. However, growing up, my style became more conservative. For special events, I like to have people help me choose my outfit, because I don’t feel super confidant. 

What are your summer must-haves?

I love jumpsuits! I also have a pair of high-rise shorts that look like they were made for me! I like to wear them with a crop top. Recently I also bought a wrap dress and I simply LOVE it!

What are your upcoming projects?

We’re already working on a second magazine that will be available next fall. I’m also putting together a home decorating collection with Bouclair. As for my other projects, they’re not confirmed yet, so I can’t talk about them yet!


You share a lot of personal things. Why is it important to you to be so transparent with your fans? Do you sometimes need to set some limits?

I set some limits, but they’re super logical. For example, I never take pictures that could reveal where I live. I also censure myself about things that concern other people. However, when it comes to my emotions, it feels natural to share them with my subscribers. Recently, my cat died. I was so sad that it would have been almost impossible for me to share videos without crying or explaining what was going on. My subscribers knew Jack. It would have been weird to hide my feelings. I don’t talk about such personal things on my beauty channel, but on my vlog, it feels like the right thing to do.


Photographer: Sarah Laroche

Assistant photographer: Seb Miron

Hair artist, MUA, model: Cynthia Dulude

Styling: MFMK

Location: Vignoble de la Bauge

Check out Cynthia’s Instagram and YouTube for some makeup inspiration: 

Chaîne Youtube 

Chaîne Youtube VLOG


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