Petite Style: Stay Calm and Style On

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by Elise Lachance, President at MFMK

As far back as I can remember, I always loved fashion At 7, I would count the days until my yearly birthday shopping trip to the mall with my grandma. My favourite part was picking out THE outfit that would make me feel like a rock star the next day at school. In high school, I would DIY my uniform down to the very last button, even if this meant risking detention. Many styles, many faux-pas, but always the same fashion philosophy: have fun, dare, and be confident.

So really, style and confidence are things I’ve cared about long before making a career out of it.  But don’t be fooled, I’m nowhere near those 5’10” model-types with seductively subtle curves. I’m 5’2”, I have a permanent tummy, courtesy of my two pregnancies, and a baby face that won’t quit. No, I’m not 12. Yes, I have ID.

This means that not everything looks good on me. What do you do when you have to choose between something flattering and something stylish? I mean, I’m a stylist, right? I should always know what to wear to be both impeccably stylish while highlighting my best assets, right? Right…? Well, actually, no. I regularly go crazy trying to put together an outfit out of my excessive wardrobe because I have nothing to wear.

I am also not what you could call flawless, style-wise. I’ve been known to wear my husband’s oversized shirts to work, or sneakers at a classy fashion event. As a petite women, I should know better than to wear oversized things that dwarf me, and I should jump at any chance I get to wear heels. I wear what makes me happy, and I also happen to believe that rules are made to be broken.

Elise has nothing to wear.

That philosophy is what inspired me to create MFMK: I want to help people forget about those rigid fashion rules to better find the ones that apply to them.

The idea is to help everyone, women and men, look and feel stylish and attractive. Every single person has things they don’t like about their body, but I truly believe that finding your personal style can make all that go away. At MFMK, our stylists go out of their way to find things that work for each person and boost self-confidence, rather than tell people what they can’t wear.

Regaining self-confidence means looking at yourself in the miror and not being too hard on yourself even if you’re not happy with your weight, or you’re not having a good hair day. That’s the kind of self-confidence that will put a smile on your face. The kind of self-confidence that no outfit can top.

It’s a cliché that just happens to be true.


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1 comment

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