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If you’ve been shopping recently, you’ve probably noticed that asymmetry is a thing this season. We’re delighted because we love original trends, but mostly because these asymmetrical cuts are super flattering. Indeed, they’re perfect to highlight your assets or to camouflage those little flaws!

How does it work? Asymmetric sleeves (one-shoulder) help create the illusion of narrow shoulders. If you wish you had bigger breasts, try going for an asymmetrical neckline that also features a trendy oversized ruffle to create more volume. Regarding side splits and other asymmetrical designs around the legs, they’ll make you look more slender!



Asymmetrical dresses are perfect to stand out and make a statement. Lightweight muslin dresses, longer in the back and shorter in the front, are perfect for chic events. You can also wear them with a denim or a leather jacket to give them a casual twist.  As for draped and side slit dresses, they have a nice boho feel that we particularly appreciate at this time of the year. 



Whether you prefer short skirts or longer pieces that swirl majestically, asymmetrical skirts have everything to charm you. Since they’re already flamboyant, wear them with simple tops, like a cami or a fitted shirt.



One-shoulder, ruffles or draped back… Asymmetric tops usually feature cute details that do not go unnoticed! Use them as key pieces to create unique looks. However, be careful to mix these tops with discreet bottoms. They have a lot of personality so you can simply wear them with skinny or straight-leg pants.



Each summer, we’re eager to discover the new swimsuit trends. This year, asymmetry will steal the show at every beach and pool parties. If you have broad shoulders and small breasts, these athletic one-shoulder swimsuits will help to create cute feminine curves!

No matter your body type, asymmetry is a great option. You just need to learn how to use it to your advantage. Don’t hesitate to use our free styling service to have personalized suggestions! 

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