In just a few days, we will finally have a taste of some warm spring weather (keep believing!), and you’ll start craving vibrant colours and cute patterns. However, despite your quest for freedom and fun, you’ll soon realize that you still have to go to work. No problem: these suits are so amazing you’ll want to wear them even on the weekend!



This azure blue suit will instill you with confidence to carry you throughout your day. Monochrome outfits are super trendy, so don’t hesitate to wear the same colour from head to toe! However, you can also wear the blue blazer with these gorgeous printed pants or match the blue pants with this white blazer. PS: You can even wear the printed pants with the white blazer! Isn’t it amazing?



You can totally bring the athletic trend to the office! Let’s bet your pretty active at work… There’s so much going on in a day! The floral bomber is simply gorgeous and you can wear it with two different matching pants, depending on your body type and personality. If you’re looking for something less flamboyant, you can wear the bomber with chic athletic black jogger pants.



The Prince of Wales check with pink hues is ideal to combine elegance and summer fun, but if you prefer to wear colours and patterns sparingly, go for this structured pleated dress. It beautifully defines the waist and looks great with the blazer. Don’t hesitate to complement your outfit with a small contrasting belt to add a splash of colour!



Bring an exotic touch to the office with this tropical suit!  Not too fond of matchy/matchy outfits? Simply go for this baby blue blazer, which looks really great with the patterned skirt.


White is sometimes more powerful than colours to make an impression. It’s clearly the case with this elegant athletic white suit! We can already picture it with super feminine black stilettos. You could also wear the jacket with this floral blue dress to create a completely different look!



We love this modern suit featuring a fitted jacket and semi-slim leg cuffed pants. Its red hue is super energizing. However, don’t hesitate to match the pants with a minimalist open white jacket for a softer look.


With its sketched floral silhouettes, this suit is super elegant and audacious! Want to wear the pants without the matching jacket? Simply go for this grey blazer, which fits perfectly with the flowers!


Isn’t this pink suit perfect to welcome spring? So lovely! However, be careful; if you wear it too often, it’ll lose its magic. Simply wear your pink blazer with a black pencil skirt from time to time for a change. Easy peasy!


With all these amazing options to choose from, we’d better not see you wearing a boring baggy black suit! 

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