Coachella begins today, which means it’s also the beginning of festival season! For those who aren’t familiar with Coachella, let’s simply say that this super trendy Californian festival, which features signers like Beyonce and Eminem, is also THE place for spring and summer style. Even though most of us won’t attend it, the odds are pretty good you’ll take part in other festivals in your area. So here are festival-inspired outfits that you’ll want to try this summer!


You thought that western fashion was for country festivals only? Make no mistake: This summer, the western inspiration will be noticeable in all kinds of festivities. Slit knee jeans, a fedora and cute ankle boots are all the basics you need to adopt our first look. However, it wouldn’t be the same without this adorable Death Valley cami! If you prefer cute girly outfits, you won’t resist this mini strip dress worn with a western belt!



The fact that the boho look is super popular during festivals probably comes as no surprise to you, but for those who were wondering if it’s still ‘’in’’ this year… ABSOLUTELY! Get the look with a long dress, leather sandals and a braided belt or with a tapestry-pattern tie blouse and a denim skirt.


These high-rise shorts are perfect for summer! Wear them with a band t-shirt (knot the waist and cuff the sleeves for added style) and iconic Dr. Martens boots, for the perfect grunge look. A denim jumper worn with a sports bralette is another great idea if you like to bring a slightly rebellious touch to your outfits!


We know it; not everyone is comfortable wearing a crop top, especially after a certain age. However, worn with high waist pants, it’s much more accessible and your belly button is covered up. This bandeau top and the matching pants are so adorable and elegant. For those who prefer skirts, take a look at our other proposition!


You’ve probably noticed that the 90s are making a huge comeback, and we love it! Logo tees, athletic dresses, sneakers, caps and fanny packs will be everywhere this summer. It’s time to renew with these retro basics. PS: The new cool and young way to wear your fanny pack is across the chest. Give it a try!

We’re so lucky to have access to so many amazing festivals. We really hope you’ll enjoy them this summer! We definitely will be attending a few and we can’t wait to share our outfits with you. Don’t hesitate to send us yours!  

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