Our stylists receive many requests from women who want their thighs to look thinner. Unlike our belly, we can’t really squeeze in our thighs. Haha! Ideally, we should be able to accept ourselves just as we are. But while you’re still trying to figure out how to do so, here are a few simple hacks that will make your thighs look slimmer.


Just like mascara has the power to lengthen your lashes, heels can do miracles when it comes to elongating your legs. Of course, we’re fully aware that not every woman is comfortable wearing stilettos, and that’s totally fine because you don’t have to. Wedges and block heels are much comfier and they’ll give you the same result! You really prefer flats? Match them with your pants or go for a nude shade and avoid ankle straps to elongate your legs!


Forget about pants that squeeze your legs. If you feel like your pants are too tight, you’ll start to worry about your thighs. Give them some space with ample pants. Joggers and palazzos are super trendy and they’re perfect for your body type!


When shopping for a dress or a skirt, you probably wonder what’s the best length for your legs. You should make sure that the hemline in longer than the thickest part of your legs. A-lines and fluid fabrics are also great options to make your thighs look slimmer.


Shopping for jeans is a tricky task, no matter your body type. So what fit should you look for if you’re concerned about your thighs? Straight or even bootcut jeans are perfect for you! Also, choose dark shades over washed denim.



Layering is ideal to balance your silhouette. Adding a blazer, a sleeveless jacket, a shirt or even a scarf over your top can help to equilibrate your lower and upper body!

One last tip before you go shopping: if you’re able to identify what you don’t like about yourself, you’re also able to recognize your assets! Don’t forget to highlight them to boost your confidence. A cute colourful top or nice glasses that enhance your eyes can make all the difference! 

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