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Do you have an interview for a job, a date or a congress coming up? In many situations (often the stressful ones) figuring out what to wear can be quite a challenge. In this article, we will share our best tips so you don’t have to worry about what to wear!


Security control, lack of space, temperature shifts… Dressing appropriately for air travel isn’t always easy… If you travel for fun, we highly recommend a causal outfit. Your musts?

- Comfortable shoes that easily slip off your feet. Since you’ll probably walk a lot in the airport, comfort is a priority. Your shoes should also be easy to remove at security or on the plane, if you feel like taking them off. However, make sure to wear socks to keep you warm and prevent smelly feet!

- Elastic waist pants. Finding a comfortable position is hard enough… Go for elastic waist pants!

- A warm sweater. With a static position and the air conditioning (why so cold?), you really need a sweater to keep you warm in the plane!

We’re totally aware that these suggestions aren’t appropriate for those who travel for work. If it’s your case, go for stretch crepe. You can also opt for travel suits or garments, which are crease-resistant and stretchable! PS: Why not add a cute scarf to keep you elegant and warm?


Before an interview, you must do your homework. Just like you need to take a look at the mission statement of the company, you should also do a bit of research regarding the dress code. You’ll probably find what you’re looking for on the company’s website or social media!

In doubt, remember that too chic is always better than frumpy. However, don’t over do it. You don’t want all the attention to be on your outfit instead of your abilities. With classic garments like these, you can’t go wrong:

- Derbies or small heels.

- Pleated pants or a midi skirt.

- Pale shirt with a nice detail. Since you’ll probably be seated during your interview, focus on the upper part of your outfit.

- A blazer. Essential in many environments such as finance or law.



Finding the perfect outfit for a first date can be almost as nerve-racking as the date itself. You want a seductive outfit that’s not too suggestive… If you feel uncomfortable, chances are that your date is going to feel uncomfortable too, so wear something that makes you feel confident! Here are cute and feminine suggestions:

- A bare shoulder top.

- A naked back.

- Slim jeans.

- A high waist skirt.


Shopping for clothes means you’re going to try other clothes… Probably a lot! So you really have to make sure that the ones you wear are easy to get on and off! Your winning choices?

- Black stretch pants. Perfect to match with any top you’ll try on and easy to get on and off.

- V-neck slim t-shirt. You don’t have to take it off to try on sweaters and if you do, your hair and makeup are safe!

- A cardigan for those who are always cold. (You know who you are.)

- Sneakers that easily slip off your feet. Shopping is almost a sport, right?

- A backpack or a shoulder bag. A great way to reduce the waste of single-use bags and to leave your hands free.


Impressing your in-laws can seem daunting… But believe it, it is for them too! Don’t try to look perfect, that’s too much pressure. Just go for clothes that reflect your personality. That being said, make sure your clothes are not too revealing. Here are our suggestions:

- A light-coloured shirt. Soft shades have a calming effect!

- Dark jeans. If you’re going for a casual look.

- A comfy dress.

- Ballerinas. Or any other comfy shoes.



Deciding what to wear to a conference can be tricky. One of the main objectives is to establish connections with other people in your field.  That’s why you need a professional outfit that allows you to stand out from the crowd. Our ideas?

- A colourful dress. Not too flamboyant. It’s not a gala!

- A fitted blazer. Even better if it has pockets to hide business cards.

- Comfy heels. It’s going to be a long day.

- A colourful or patterned shirt.



It’s your day; please don’t camouflage yourself in the room! Choose something chic and comfortable at the same time so you can shine and have fun. Why not use your birthday party as an excuse to treat yourself to a new outfit? Something new to wear will add to your excitement and make you feel special! Here are fun propositions:

- A festive jumpsuit. To dance all night long!

- A "wow" dress. Pick a dress that has a gorgeous colour or pattern that appeals you!

- Block heels. Comfy and cute!


Need fashion advice for other events? We’re here to help! 

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