It’s impossible to miss it… many trends of the nineties are making a huge comeback and we’re so happy about it! However, you might need a few guidelines to renew with these trends from almost 30 years ago.

So here’s everything you need to know to get the gist of how to wear trends from the 90s in 2018:

- Sportswear and the 90s are almost inseparable!

- Less is more! After years of excessive consumption, the instability that the world was living in the 90s had a huge influence on the fashion industry. The 90s fashion is all about simple cuts, androgynous silhouettes and natural colours. 

More specifically, here are the 90s fashion trends you should adopt this year:


It comes as no surprise that some classic sports brands are experiencing a renaissance with the comeback of the nineties. Fila, Champion, Adidas and Kappa have now stormed back into the fashion statements. Even though they’re not specifically focussing on sportswear, other companies that had their heyday in the 90s, like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, are also back on track. They offer inclusive minimalist designs that reflect the spirit of the nineties!


With their high waist, long back pockets and baggy fit around the zipper and leg area, mom jeans are pretty easy to identify! These jeans, which weren’t referred to as ‘’mom jeans’’ at the time, were extremely popular in the 90s and they’re now seeing a comeback like never before. Yes, they can be a bit intimidating and you might wonder if you can pull it off. However, with pumps and a loose tee, you can’t go wrong!


This season, boxy tees are a hit! PS: cuff your sleeves and knot the end of your tee to jazz it. These effortless hacks will transform your entire look and make you a 90s style goddess!        


The athletic trend was so huge in the nineties… But sports clothes aren’t appropriate for every occasion. Sporty stripes are the perfect way to bring an athletic touch to your outfits without looking like you’re about to hit the gym!


Polo shirts and other polo inspired clothing are ideal to embrace the athletic trend. Whether you go for a dress, a sweater or a classic polo shirt, you’re sure to flaunt the perfect sporty-chic look!

Whether you’re completely crazy about the 90s or prefer to take small steps, take a look at these 90S ACCESSORIES, which are part of the top 2018 SPRING FASHION TRENDS!

So, ready to renew with the nineties?

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