We’re so glad to introduce you to Claudia Bouvette! Her creativity and her talent amazed us from the beginning and we couldn’t help but notice her amazing sense of style! At first, we wanted to do a boho photo shoot, but it soon became clear that she was way more into street/vintage fashion. Creating her outfits was so much fun and we’re really excited to share the result with you!


We really like your retro/urban style! Can you tell us a bit more about your fashion inspiration?

My style depends on my mood. Sometimes, I feel like wearing very little make-up, having my hair undone and putting on boho clothing. In general, I like my style to be a bit messy. But lately, I’m really into Nike shoes that look straight out of the 90s and retro clothing!

Where does your attraction for fashion come from?

I’ve always loved to shop… Probably way too much! (LAUGH) When I was a child, I liked to do crafts of all sorts and I was into everything that stimulated my creativity. I think expressing myself through fashion and mixing different styles is part of my personality. I get a lot of compliments for pieces I buy for a few dollars in second-hand shops. All that really matters is to wear clothes that make you feel good and confident. It makes all the difference!

You’re very popular on Instagram. Why do you think you have so many followers?

Haha, I don’t know! It’s mostly because of Mixmania and the TV Show Jérémie. I’ve been on Instagram for a while now, and I’m really active, so I guess it created a “snowball effect”. There’s not always a specific reason for following someone on social media. The more followers you have, the more you get. I also like to believe that it’s because people like what I post. (LAUGH) My Instagram is a way of expressing myself. I really enjoy sharing pictures, and maybe people can feel it. 


Do you believe that Instagram can be a springboard for your career?

Yes, definitely. I feel very lucky to have so many people following me, because I know that it gives me great visibility for all my future projects. Since I’m currently busy with my music, I’m often in my bedroom, totally disconnected from people. No one knows what I’m doing. However, when I’ll be ready to share my work, I know that Instagram will be essential!

We can’t wait to hear your album! When will you release it?

We really wanted to take our time to develop a unique sound, so we didn’t really set deadlines. However, things are going faster than we expected. We would like to have around thirty songs, to really get an idea of where things are going. So I don’t have an official date, but I can tell you it’s soon!


You’re a signer, but also a comedian. How do you manage your dual career?

It’s pretty easy. Music has always been my life's goal. When I was sixteen, I almost released a music album, but when I was about to do it, I got my first TV contract. It was a great opportunity, so I took it. After that, I got other contracts that kept me really busy, so that album was never released, but it’s okay. I think it’s part of my journey and everything happens for a reason. For the first time in three years, I finally have time to focus on my music, and I’m developing a new sound.


Do you write all your songs?

At the beginning, I do almost everything alone. When my material is ready, I show it to my producer. Together, we share our ideas and rework everything.


Have you learned to compose by yourself?

When I finished high school, I didn’t want to study music. Something inside of me was telling me it wasn’t for me. I wanted to develop my instinct naturally and find my own sound. Now that I have a better idea of what I want, I think it would be interesting to learn the basics of jazz. 


In the next few years, would you prefer to work mostly as a signer or as a comedian?

Music is my first passion, and since I’m finally working on my album, I’ll focus on that for a while. However, I really enjoy acting. It’s not my comfort zone, but I remain open for proposals!


You’re the ambassador of Motivation Jeunesse, an organism that fights against dropping out of school. Why did you choose to get involved in this cause over another?

When Motivation Jeunesse approached me, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it. I didn’t think I was the right person to tell teenagers to stay in school, when for me, school had been a painful experience. I never liked sitting in a classroom. I just wanted to create things and play music. However, by talking with the members of the organism, I realized that I was actually in a good position to understand teenagers who want to leave school. I know that school can be hard. But I also know that there are ways to get motivated. Setting goals makes all the difference. Otherwise, you can feel like you’re working for nothing. 


As the spokesperson of the organism, you’re organizing a big event, which will take place on may 5th, where you and other celebrities will sell your used clothing. What kind of clothes are you bringing?

There’s something for all tastes. I gave four big bags of clothes! Usually, I only give clothes that I don’t wear anymore. However, for this event, I really tried to find clothes that I still liked, but that I was ready to let go. I wanted to give back to others. I also contacted many friends who work for the youth market. Teenagers will have the opportunity to buy clothes from people they know and they like. I think it’s a good way to raise funds to prevent school drop-out!


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Photographer: Andréanne Gauthier

Assistant photographer: Marie-Claude Fournier

Hair & Makeup: Anaïs Côté

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