Recently, we realized that we rarely wear skirts at the office. How unfortunate… they’re so lovely! So we decided to write an article about this amazing garment. Here are our favourite skirt styles and a few tips to find the one that will suit you!


As its name suggests, ice-skating made this skirt famous. Indeed, Sonja Henie was wearing that type of skirt when she won a gold medal at the 1928 Winter Olympics! Obviously, at that time, the skater skirt was a bit longer than the present version. Since it’s neither too chic nor too casual, this type of skirt is suitable for many occasions!

The skater skirt is perfect to add volume to the lower part of your body so it’s ideal for those who have large shoulders, it helps to define the waist, it adds nice and feminine curves and it dissimulates love handles. Pretty amazing! The skater skirt looks really good with sneakers and a denim jacket. However, if you’re looking for something more elegant, it’s also perfect with a bodysuit and heels.


During the 40s, the war effort lead to a slower production of textiles and accessories. That’s how the pencil skirt was born, with its simple and economic design. Today, its elegant and refined cut makes it perfect for the office, but we also like to wear it for special occasions, because of its gorgeous feminine look. We LOVE pencil skirts!

You probably wonder if this body-con skirt is appropriate for your silhouette. The good news is that the pencil skirt is a universally flattering garment that suits everyone! High waists create a lengthening effect, which is perfect if you want to look taller. For those with generous curves, since the pencil skirt defines your waist, it makes your hips look smaller and highlights your buttocks. It’s a really great option! Simply wear it with a fitted tucked in top or a wider half tucked top to create a causal style.


The midi skirt dates from the 50s, a time where skirts and dresses were not too short nor too long. It’s mid-calf length and flared style can make you afraid to look like your grandma. However, its vintage look totally charmed us. We still have to admit it: it’s not the easiest skirt to style. Since it cuts the calf in half, smaller girls tend to avoid it.

At MFMK, as you probably know by now, we’re not too fond of restrictions. You like challenges? The midi skirt is for you. If you’re tall and slender, it’ll be a bit easier to wear, but if you’re small, don’t let that hold you back! Wear high heels, go for high waists and, most importantly, choose light fabrics. Finally, you can wear pretty much any kind of top with a midi skirt. Oversized sweaters, t-shirts or jackets will look great! Simply avoid long tops, unless you put a belt on top to define your waist!


The famous mini skirt! When it fist hit the market, this short type of skirt shocked many people, including Coco Chanel who couldn’t believe that this garment was exposing the ugliest part of the human body… the KNEES! In the early 60s, women liberated themselves from many things, including the corset, and hair and skirts started to get shorter and shorter! Mini skirts really became a symbol of freedom. Does the fact that these skirts are making a comeback mean that women are craving for more liberty? It definitely seems like a possibility!

So what can we expect fashion wise? This spring, mini skirts will be slightly flared and you’ll mostly see high waists. There will also be a lot of buttoned skirts with back pockets. We like to tuck our shirts into our skirts. It’s perfect to elongate the legs, even more if you go for high waists.

You’re now ready to find the perfect skirt for your body and your style!  

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