Have you ever been mocked because you like to wear layers of clothes to stay warm? Well, ladies, you should know that layering is very trendy! Here are our favourite ways to layer our clothes.



If you hate being cold but you love fashion, you definitely know that turtlenecks have no equal when it comes to layering. They’ll keep you warmer than pretty much any other top, and there are countless ways to wear them. However, remember to choose them thin enough to prevent excessive creasing. Wear them under a dress, a t-shirt, a shirt, or even a blazer… Let your imagination run wild!



There are days where the only outfit you can think of is… your nightgown. When we feel like that, we know exactly what to wear… Our oversized cardigan! Soft, warm and comfy, it’s exactly what we need! To balance the silhouette, wear a slim bottom, like skinny pants or simply a dress with tights. Want to reach the ultimate comfort? Wear it on top of your favourite turtleneck!


layering pros

When it comes to layering, some accessories are real must-haves.



One of our favourite accessories are tights. We love to wear them with high knee socks, or with ripped jeans.



We are also crazy about belts. Tying them on top of your blazers and cardigans will instantly add structure and style to your favourite outfits.



Finally, we can’t talk about layering without mentioning scarves. We have a penchant for oversized models, which are perfect to keep us warm.



You tend to always buy the same colour? Good thing, since you can easily create a classy monochrome look! We often see those plain layered looks on runways. If you have a classic style, you’ll probably want to go for sober shades. If you’re more adventurous, why not try this style in vivid colours?



In case you haven’t noticed… we love to mix patterns! Good thing, layering and mixed prints work very well together. They’re a great way to express your personality! Simply make sure to stay within the same colour scheme and to vary the size of the prints.


Thanks to layering, you can now stay warm and stylish during winter!


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