What is the purpose of the tie? It doesn’t actually serve any purpose except looking good… So you might as well choose one that suits you!



The skinny tie has been very popular these past years, but lately, the trend seems to be going back to wider ties. However, before you buy one right away, remember that the ideal width of a tie depends on your body shape. If you’re a strapping gent, a wide tie is the best choice for you, and the opposite is also true for the slender ones. One more thing: generally speaking, the width of the tie should be equal to the width of the jacket lapels at their widest, for a balanced look!




The rule of thumb goes as follow: your tie should land right above the center of your belt buckle, no higher, no lower. There, we said it. Now don’t let us catch you with your tie tucked into your pants. 



In order to avoid errors in taste, the safest choice is a plain tie. However, we love printed ties, and with a few tips, you’ll wear them like a pro! First, if you also wear a printed shirt, make sure that the prints on your tie are not the same size as the ones on your shirt. Then, check that your shirt and your tie have at least one similar shade. If your shirt is very colourful, make sure that your tie doesn’t have more than two colours, and vice versa. That’s it!




Stylists love it because it is one of the only precious ornaments worn only by men! Two rules: it can never be wider that the tie (it should be exactly the same width or shorter); and it has to be placed more or less at the sternum. The tie bar’s older, fancier brother is the tie pin, which fastens the tie by going through it and attaching to the buttonhole underneath. It comes in different shapes: flowers, feathers, medallions, it’s all good.


There’s no point in finding the right tie for you if you don’t know how to tie it properly. Here are the three knots you need to know!


Timeless, easy, and casual, this slightly asymmetrical knot probably goes great with most of the shirts you have at home. It’s perfect for taller men, because it uses less of the tie’s length; therefore it won’t be too short.



Chic and more voluminous that the four-in-hand, the Windsor knot is your go-to for formal events because it is perfectly symmetrical. It is also perfect for men who have a wide chest, and it works great with skinny ties, as the knot can otherwise be too little with a regular knot.



This underrate knot is great because it is symmetrical like the Windsor, but it’s smaller.



Knit ties with straight hems, which look a bit like scarves, are really trendy this year! A great way

to wear ties for more casual events. We are also seeing lots of small fun prints that we really like!



Congratulations, you are now a tie master. Any questions?


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