Looking for the perfect outfit for the holidays? It can be hard to know where to begin. That’s why we recommend that you start by determining the textile you prefer. Velvet, satin, sequins, lace…? A great starting point to find an outfit that’s nice and festive!



With its shimmering and smooth finish, velvet is an excellent choice. Not only is this textile chic and sophisticated, but it also keeps you warm. Little tip: since it’s rather a heavy textile, wear it with light fabrics. Satin, veiling or thin cotton, will fit perfectly with your velvet pieces!



Just as shimmering and elegant as velvet, but much lighter, satin is another great option for your holiday outfits. Since this textile catches the light, use it wisely to highlight your main assets!



We can’t talk about festive textiles without praising sequins! If there’s a time when you can dare to wear as many glitters as you want, it’s definitely during the holidays. Of course, you can go for an ultra-chic sparkling dress, but a shimmering bomber or a sequined shirt can also be a great casual chic option! Since sequins are already showy, we recommend that you go for discreet jewellery.



Up to now, we only suggested sparkling options, because with all the lights, the decoration and the shimmering snow, you must stand out…! However, if you’re not really the gloss and glitter type, lace is a beautiful option. Delicate and feminine, it’s just perfect!


So which one of these textiles inspires you the most beautiful outfit for the holidays?


The girls at the office love to Mix and Match textiles!


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