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Doing a Christmas photo shoot with two stars, three kids, and making sure that all these beautiful people are well dressed and look at the camera… That pretty much seemed like an impossible task… but actually, it all went very smoothly! When you look at the way Patricia Paquin and Louis-François Marcotte take care of their family (with efficiency, kindness and humor), it’s easy to understand how they manage to welcome friends and family during all of the holiday season! It is with great admiration for this family that we invite you to discover you Patricia, Louis-François, Benjamin, Gabriel and Florence, in their festive outfits!



What do you usually do during the holidays?

Patricia: Every year, it’s the same ritual. We spend a lot of time at the cottage and people come to visit us and enjoy winter sports! We both love to bring people together, so we host Christmas for both of our families. On the 24th, we invite the Paquins. That means putting up about 20 people. The next morning, we have brunch.

Louis-François: We just have time to get the cottage back in order and then, the Marcotte family arrives. It’s almost like a relay race. We also have people come over for New Year’s Eve, but at our house.


What traditions do you enjoy sharing with the kids?

Patricia: There are some classics, like decorating the Christmas tree. But we also have traditions in terms of the people who celebrate with us every year. Among others, Isabelle Racicot and Jessica Barker always come to see us with their families. For the children, it’s amazing. There’s always so much going on!


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Do you still take time to watch movies and relax just with your family?

Patricia: No, not really. Maybe a group will leave at noon and the other will arrive two hours later… but we usually use that time to change the bed sheets and towels and go to the market to fill up the fridge… It’s pretty exhausting!


Who’s more into Christmas songs?

Patricia: None of us really! It’s not our cup of tea. No need to argue, we both don’t listen to it.


Louis-François, what’s your Christmas speciality?

Louis-François: Patience!


Haha, I meant food…

Louis-François: Fish, traditional recipes… even leftovers!

Patricia: He jokes that he feeds the guests leftovers for Christmas… But really, it’s delicious! There’s game meat and awesome stews. He thinks he’s emptying the fridge… but actually it’s so tasty!

Louis-François: There’s also a meatball stew that Patricia’s mother used to cook that I love to make!

Patricia: My mother is 82, so we like to spoil her a little!


Patricia, are you allowed to set foot in the kitchen?

Patricia: Of course! I clean the entire kitchen and I do the dishes.(LAUGH) Seriously, I think I’m a really good helper. As soon as Louis-François is done with something I clean it up! We work in perfect harmony.

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 Holidays are meant to look chic, to wear pyjamas, or a little bit of both?

Patricia: Since Christmas is at the cottage… I definitely go for super comfy clothing! The first few years, people would arrive with classy dresses and everything, but now, I tell them it’s not necessary! For New Year’s Eve, it’s a bit more chic. But that’s in the city!



Which one of you two gives more importance to his or her looks?

Patricia: We’re pretty much the same! Of course, I spend more time doing my make up, my hair and everything… But I’m pretty quick! My secret is my GEEwig by Gaël Betts. You can put on these natural hair extensions with only three little clips. I use it to feel pretty, just as any other beauty accessory. It allows me to add volume and length to my hair in less than a minute!

As for Louis-François, many people think he cares a lot about his appearance, but not really! At work, he wears nice suit jackets and shirts, but if you ask him what he really likes, he’ll definitely go for a plaid shirt, blue jeans, boots and a beanie!

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You’re the ambassador and partner of Èle, by ELLE R COSMETICS. What do you like the most about these products?

Patricia: Since it’s almost Christmas time, I’ll talk about the price, which is really interesting. It’s not always easy to find great affordable gifts for Christmas… but for less than $40, our products are really interesting! It’s perfect for Christmas stockings, and we have beautiful packaging! As for the product itself, I really like the fact that it’s natural. Girls have a really intimate relation with their beauty products. So I feel really lucky to be chosen by so many women.


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You host the cultural magazine Le Tapis Rouge on Rouge radio. Which artists are you completely crazy about?

Patricia: There are many! Recently, I met Jean-Pierre Ferland. Écoute pas ça is definitely one of my top 3 albums! Regarding humorists, Martin Matte makes me laugh a lot. I can’t wait to see his next movie! I also really like Ariane Moffat… and there’s also Bobby Bazini and Charlotte Cardin. I don’t only love them because they sang at my wedding (LAUGH), but because they are so talented! Whether I welcome artists in the studio or I just talk to them on the phone, I’m always super excited! I’m just like a little girl.



What would you suggest to young people who would like to crave out a place in competitive fields such as cooking or entrepreneurship?

Louis-François: What really matters is to be in touch with what you really want to do. We often imagine that being a cook is glamorous… but it’s definitely not why I became one. I was looking for a challenge. The most important thing is to follow your passion. You should not think about the competition. Cooking can be a lot of fun. On one side, it’s one of the most exciting jobs, but on the other side, it’s a difficult career because the hours are intense and it’s hard physically. So yes, it’s challenging, but if it’s really your passion, it will be hard to get it out of your system!


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You give conferences on your work experiences. What do you want people to remember about your story?

Louis-François: What I want the most is to communicate my passion and to encourage people to do what they really like. I had the chance to do it when I was young. My parents helped me a lot. I dropped CEGEP to do a DEP in professional cooking. It wasn’t well regarded. I was supposed to do a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering… So it’s really important for me to encourage people to pursue their passion, no matter if they want to become an entrepreneur, a head chef or whatever. I also had the chance to communicate my passion in cooking shows. I try to seize every opportunity to share my ideas. I have the chance to do it on a regular basis with La Cage Brasserie Sportive.


What go you interested in a partnership with La Cage Brasserie Sportive?

Louis-François: The challenge definitely attracted me. There was a lot of work to be done. Since La Cage owns many restaurants, I knew that we couldn’t change everything just like that. Besides, I knew almost nothing about this company. One thing leading to another, I felt like meeting this challenge and getting involved in this project.


Whether your holidays are as busy as Patricia and Louis-François’s or whether you prefer to take the opportunity to relax, we wish you a wonderful Christmas season!


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