Finding what to wear every morning to go to the office isn’t always easy, but dressing up for an interview or a business trip can be very stressful! Fortunately, we have inspiring outfit ideas that are perfect for these occasions.



Whether it’s your first or twentieth job interview, it’s never easy. You want to make a good impression, without overdoing it…! To do so, go for basics with a little fashion touch. Since you’ll probably be seated during your interview, focus on the upper part of your outfit.

Ladies, take a look at these pants with a masculine retro flair. Wear them with this beaded collar shirt and this belted wool blazer. It’s all in the details! PS: Avoid accessories that could distract your future employer, like metallic bracelets that tend to be noisy.

Gentlemen, go for a slim suit. Complete with a shirt and a tone-on-tone tie, which is perfect to create an outfit that is dynamic and easy to match!




Packing your carry on with the most efficient and versatile clothes is the fist challenge you’re going to meet!

Ladies, if you don’t already own a washable suit, it’s time to discover this little wonder! Who wants to go to the dry cleaner the day before the departure or even worst, during the trip? Make your life easier with these work garments that you can put in the washing machine. Regarding shoes, what you need is comfort and quality. If you can only bring one pair of shoes, avoid high heels!

Gentlemen, travel suits from Tristan are specifically designed to be wrinkle-resistant. Carry them in your small luggage without fear. Also make sure to go for non-iron shirts.




It’s never easy to know what to wear for an important meeting. Even if you want to bring a stylish touch to your outfit, the most important thing is to remain super professional. Keep in mind that a suit jacket is not optional.

Ladies, the Prince of Wales blazer and skirt are perfect for these occasions. They’re a great alternative to the famous black suit.

Gentlemen, we love this patterned suit. Its comfortable fine wool-blend weave will charm you!




Small bonus: We also thought that you might like an outfit for casual Fridays at the office. From time to time, it feels so good to dress casually!

Ladies, it’s a good occasion to wear your dark skinny jeans that are super easy to tuck into cute ankle boots. A sleeveless jacket is also perfect for casual Fridays.

Gentlemen, chino pants are ideal for relaxed days at the office. Complete with a shirt and trade your suit jacket for this lovely cardigan!



Wishing you all the best in your career!


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