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Mariloup came into the studio, bubblier than ever, with brand new hair! There was no doubt; this photo-shoot was going to be MAGIC! Here she is, in a colourful environment inspired by the 70s!


When we told you that we would do a photo shoot inspired by the 70’s, you seemed very happy. What do you like about that period?

What I mostly like is the idea of transforming myself and having fun. The 70’s were super fashionable and glamorous and I just love it! The prints and the colours were amazing. In my closet, I have clothes inspired from those years, like flared pants, which are making a huge comeback!


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Do you have a signature outfit that you wear when you want to look and feel your best?

Not really. I don’t have a precise style. One day, I wear sweat pants, and the next day, I go for leather pants or a cute floral dress. I also love to mix styles. For example, I might wear a floral dress with booties or a chic dress with sneakers. From one week to the next, my style is completely different. I change it according to my mood.


What role does fashion plays in your life?

Fashion is very important for me! I love clothes. I don’t have a lot of personal expenses, except for trips and clothing. I buy a lot of clothes online…! I love fashion because it’s a great way to express yourself. When I’m directing actors on a set, I almost dress like I’m going to war, with army pants and sneakers. However, I always make sure to have a stylish element. Even if I wear a hunting shirt, I will still make sure to do my hair or my makeup. I try to create a balance. You’ll almost never see me looking completely unkempt.


On red carpets, you never go unnoticed and you often wear ultra-feminine outfits.  Is it far from what you usually wear?

For a long time, I was mostly known for my roles in kids’ TV shows, so today, when I can be seen as a woman, I play along more than gladly. However, I have to admit that I have sometimes gotten carried away… Once, I went for a dress that was way too plunging. I didn’t notice when I first put it on, but as the evening went by… well I wasn’t feeling so comfortable anymore.


What’s your favourite season fashion-wise?

I really enjoy fall. I like to wear pants, booties, tights and sweaters. In fact, I’m a big fan of layering, and it’s the perfect season for that. I love to put on a tuque, a scarf or a beret. Fall is a lovely season and the colours are so beautiful!


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Let’s talk a bit about your career. You’re a comedian, but also a director. How does your career as a comedian influences your work as a director and vice-versa?

Both are super related. Only a few directors have the chance to see other directors in action. As a comedian, I can spend a lot of time observing directors and taking notes on what I want to do or not. It’s really interesting. When I direct comedians, I think about their acting, but also about their characters. This overview makes me more responsible. The comedians rely on me a bit. So all of this helps me from one profession to another. It’s highly complementary.


You’re directing Hubert et Fanny, a new TV show that will air this winter, on Radio Canada. Why should we watch it?

Because it’s a beautiful love story that allows us to dream! In the era of new technologies, virtual friends and dates on Tinder, Hubert et Fanny stands out. This passionate story of love at first sight is really emotional. In the first two episodes, we discover the characters, but already in the third one, we start to wish that the characters will end up together.  I personally had butterflies in my stomach. I surprised myself thinking: ''I want to feel something like that too!''. We identify with the characters. And at the same time, not everything is easy. This story doesn’t picture love as something that’s only wonderful. The characters face obstacles and they have to make hard decisions. The comedians are exceptional. As for the direction, I tried to bring a modern touch that will reach the generation that will watch the show.


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Do you have other upcoming projects that you would like to talk about?

I really like what I’m doing with Chevrolet. You never really know what to expect from an advertising campaign. But with this one, I’m lucky enough to explore all sorts of styles. From one TV ad to another, I’m always excited to find out what we will be doing. They put me in crazy situations. In one of the commercials, I’m tied over a car with a harness. For another one, I had to learn a dance choreography. I had a lot of fun doing that! We’re going to shoot the next one soon, and I just can’t wait to find out what the concept is!

Other than that, we’re supposed to shoot La guerre des tuques 2 next year! I will also finish the post-production of Hubert et Fanny and I hope that Chevrolet will renew my contract, but I have no other plans. I’m open to new projects. As a freelancer, it’s like that every year. I always find it stressful to wonder if I will find work or not. But I trust life and I cross my fingers hopping that some beautiful projects will come my way!


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