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They make our outfits more stylish and are perfect for layering… Accessories, ESPECIALLY in fall, are the key to a remarkable look! Say hello to comfort and rich colours, here are the best accessories trends for this fall!



Let’s begin with our favourite fall accessory… the scarf! This year, choose it XXL or go for a cape. We like ultra wide enveloping designs that offer multiple styling options… All that’s missing is a big latte! Regarding the patterns, the English inspiration is really strong … checks are EVERYWHERE! As for the colours, red, burgundy, black and orange are the shades you’ll see.



The beret is making a huge comeback! In its classical version or updated, with a cute pompom, the beret is perfect to create a cute European look. The fedora, which was already a must-have during the last few years, is still super trendy. We’re delighted to wear this elegant hat again!



Fall is perfect because it’s still warm enough to wear sneakers but you can also go for ankle boots. This season we’re crazy about mixes of materials. Suede, matt or patent leather, it’s all about textures. Colours like burgundy and blue are also super in. As for heels, we’re lucky this year. There are a lot of bloc heels, which are super comfy!



When it comes to bags, any size is trendy right now, so don’t bother walking with an oversized bag when you don’t need to…! We love refined and minimalist bags in leather or faux-leather. What’s trendy this year? No more soft bags, we want structure!




While big statement necklaces used to be everywhere, this fall, it’s all about layered delicate jewellery. Whether you go for necklaces, bracelets or rings, wear many and don’t hesitate to mix silver, gold and rose gold!


You can now wear the perfect cozy fall outfit!


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