Every woman has her own style, which is often the combination of more general styles. Maybe you’ll recognize yourself in the following descriptions!



The romantic boho woman doesn’t follow the trends; she follows her desires. She’s impulsive and she only owns a few basics. She likes fluid textiles, flower prints and pastel shades. She’s also crazy about layering!


Her essentials:

* A floral dress

* A plaited belt

* Pink shoes

* Delicate jewels



The natural casual woman is not attracted by bling-bling. She loves basics and is all about comfort! That’s why she likes straight cuts and easy care fabrics. Her wardrobe is mostly filled with t-shirts and jeans and she always has a pair of sneakers in the back of her car. Definitely not a compulsive buyer, she likes to highlight her natural beauty with pretty colours and nice details.


Her essentials:

* Chino pants

* A colourful t-shirt

* Sneakers

* A super practical bag



The modern sophisticated woman follows the trends, but only the ones she likes… and she KNOWS what she likes! She’s not a fashionista, but she always has nice statement pieces. She loves quality garments. Her style is refined and her accessories are always flawless!


Her essentials:

* A chic suit

* A cute blouse

* Low heel mules

* A long refined coat



The grunge fashion woman is really trendy, and she likes to add her own rock twist. Always looking for new inspirations, she follows the fashion bloggers and often impresses us with amazing findings! She is impulsive and daring. She mixes different style with audacity!


Her essentials:

* Ripped jeans

* An embroidered tee

* A denim jacket

* Booties



The trendy glamorous woman loves to be noticed. This seductress is crazy about fitting clothes and bling-bling. Comfort is definitely not her number one priority and she almost always wears heels! Even when she has a more conservative outfit, she knows how to attract attention with some delicate lace or seductive nylon stockings.


Her essentials:

* A pencil skirt

* A sparkling dress

* High heels

* A lace blouse


Which style suits you best? Is there more than one?


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