Our editor-in-chief, Stellerine, just came back from a backpacking trip in Western Canada. Here’s an account of her favourite adventure of the trip; canoe-camping on Maligne Lake, including all our must haves to fully enjoy the experience!



Our first sporting adventure takes place on Maligne Lake, and it’s definitely the most magnificent landscape that we will have the chance to admire during this trip. On our canoe, we explore the incredible turquoise glacier lake. Luck is with us; a radiant sun shines throughout much of our short trip!


First challenge: learning to paddle together. Not exactly easy when you don’t have the same strength… Unfortunately, we only discovered when we came back, that if we had mastered the famous J-stroke, it would have been much easier to steer our boat… Hence mildly severe biceps cramps for me and a clear opportunity for my boyfriend to test his patience dealing with my lack of strength and coordination. So, with a lot of mostly unnecessary clumsy strokes, we finally arrive to our campsite with a smile!




First, you need a moisture-wicking sports bra that will allow you to move freely. You also need a t-shirt that’s not too tight, that will keep you cool and dry. You will sweat while paddling, and you’ll get cold if your clothes don’t dry up super quickly; so avoid cotton and go with synthetic fabrics like polyester. Also make sure you have comfy shorts so you don’t suffer during the long hours you’re going to spend seated. Even if it’s sunny, bring a sweater for when it gets cloudy. The one we suggest will keep you warm and dry. Finally, you need rubber sandals for the times you’ll accidentally pour water inside the canoe. Oopsie!



At the campsite, we are amazed to sleep surrounded by incredibly beautiful mountains and, even more so, to see lots of deer that are not afraid of us at all! Without electricity and the fire ban, due to the raging wild fires in the area, we need to be creative and find hobbies. We decide to play cards and to socialize with the other campers. Our dehydrated meals are also a curiosity… Mostly the ice-cream sandwich! Not so refreshing, but it tastes awesome!



First, you need a long sleeve synthetic sweater to keep you warm. It’s surprising how cold it gets as soon as the sun sets. And definitely bring along a pair of comfy long pants. I didn’t think I would need it, but after being in contact with reality, I more than strongly suggest a packable down jacket. Rolled up, it makes a perfect camping pillow! Don’t forget your sneakers. They’re essential if you don’t want to hurt yourself when you’ll need to pee during the night. Finally, the fashion accessory to be stylish when your hair starts to get oily: the ribbed tuque. We love it!


I really learned a lot about nature and human nature during our canoe camping trip out West. So, if you too feel lie trying out canoe camping, don’t leave without the proper essentials to fully enjoy your trip!


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