Sometimes, a white tee and palazzo pants are all you need to feel good and irresistible. What we love about loose and minimalisti clothes is that even though they’re super comfy and easy to wear, they remain elegant and distinguished!


Loose fits are everywhere. Is that a trend that suits you?

Yes! However, I’m not super familiar with these wide cuts. I belong to the skinny jeans’ generation, so it takes a bit more work to create nice outfits with palazzo pants. However, I always get a lot of compliments when I dare to wear them…! This look has something that reminds me of Katharine Hepburn.


Do you have a trick to feel feminine in loose clothes?

The most important thing is to feel confident. Of course, for TV, I need to be more careful, because loose clothes can look weird on screen. However, in everyday life, I feel really good with these wide cuts. I have really long days and I’m often on the road so I hate to feel uncomfortable in my clothes.  It’s exactly why I like this outfit. It’s elegant and comfy at the same time! 


You’re known as an efficient and grounded person, but you also say that you have a spiritual side. Can we be grounded and spiritual at the same time?

Of course! In fact, when I speak about spirituality, I’m mainly referring to meditation. For me, meditation is about being able to be in the present moment, so yes, both can totally work together. For some people, spirituality sounds a bit spaced out, but for me, meditation is precisely about being grounded.


Do you sometimes need to escape the city to reconnect with yourself?

Not necessarily. My secret is to do activities like yoga or jogging. I really like to run and there’s always a nice green spot, even in the city! You just need to create a calm space in your head. The countryside is nice and calm, but you can go there and still feel exhausted. Peace of mind stands in the sound of silence. You just need to be able to quiet the noise!


When you’re in town, are there nice magic places that you like to go?

Arthurs is a nice bar on Notre-Dame Street that I really like. Otherwise, close to our office in Griffintown, there are many cute cafes that I really enjoy! 


You meditate, but you also do yoga. Are you a member of a yoga center?

No, I prefer to do it at home!

Her daughter Mila who was there during the interview: « Sometimes, I move around next to mom, but I don’t really do yoga with her. I’m not able. There are too many things going on in my brain! »








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