Yes, you read well, and you might even have noticed it in stores; the pyjama trend is everywhere! Although fashionistas are wearing their jammies full length, we thought it might be a good idea to offer a few suggestions that are easier to adopt!





With its silky textile, contrasting borders and nice pocket, this shirt is definitely inspired by the men’s classic pyjama shirt. For the office, wear it with straight pants and tuck in the front of the shirt. Add a nice leather belt for a cute and stylish look. For the weekend, wear it with nice patterned shorts!




Pants inspired by the pyjama trend are fluid, they have wide legs and they often have a cordon. You’ll find them in a silky fabric or in a light crepe textile. These pants are not only super elegant but they’re also really comfy for the summer! Here are two versions; the first one is more classic and the other one is more audacious!





Inspired by the traditional Japanese garment, this jacket is everywhere this season. Sometime elegant, sometime casual, we love it for its audacious length and its feminine prints. The kimono is also a great alternative to beach cover-ups!





Even though trends don’t last forever, we can already assure you that this one will still be super popular when it gets colder. Yay!





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