From the six looks that we shot with Mitsou, we wanted one that was more fashionable and editorial. What better than a boho look to outline the artistic side of our collaborator? Even though this denim combi is perfect for everyday life, we love its powerful personality! These tassel earrings add the perfect final touch to this outfit!


What’s your favourite trend this summer?

Definitely the athletic look. I love cute and comfy sneakers that you can wear with everything. We never would have worn sneakers with dresses or chic outfits a few years ago, and I’m really glad people are doing it now! When you have to remain standing for hours, comfort is super important!


Whether you’re comfy or chic, we always love what you wear! Do you like to improvise when you choose your outfits?

I don’t have a lot of imagination in the morning. In fact, when I have to pick my outfits, I rely a lot on the advice of stylists. I have a document, in my IPhoto, where I keep all my favourite outfits of the season. It helps me get inspired.


So from time to time, you like to receive some help from professional stylists?

I really like to have stylists guide me. Their objectivity encourages us to dare to try new things. It’s just like a hairdresser. You can do the same thing at home, but never as well as a professional!

Her daughter Mila (who was there on the shoot): ''Otherwise it’s me!!'' (LAUGH)


Your daughters have a word to say about what you wear?

Yes, my girls help me a lot, and it’s always been like that! They really have a sense of fashion. My older daughter is very active on Instagram and she’s a really good photographer.


How do you supervise her activities on the social media, like Instagram?

When my older daughter created her Instagram account, we talked a lot about the issues related to this platform. For example, she is super conscious that for one picture shared on Instagram, there are dozens that have been rejected. I also have to say that she has a very good artistic eye. She takes a lot of pictures and she even does the editing. She understands really well how all of this works and I think it helps her a lot to understand that all the girls she sees are not perfect. She doesn’t try to reach unattainable standards. She knows that a good fashion picture is a lot of work!



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