Summer vacations are getting closer day by day            and we can’t wait to enjoy the nice weather, feel the sunshine and jump in the water! Here’s a sporty look that will satisfy your desire to enjoy summer to the fullest while protecting you from the sun! Mitsou was immediately seduced by this rashguard with beautiful patterns.  She especially likes the fact that this fashionable piece is also perfect for preserving a bit of privacy while giving a FPS 50+ protection!


With this look, our goal was to not push you too far out of your comfort zone. Was it all right?

Sure! I really like this type of bathing suit that protects from the sun and from prying eyes. It’s perfect! (LAUGH)


Many of our readers would like to feel more at ease with their body. What is your advice for them?

I’d like to tell them that they’re lucky because today, there are a lot of fun ways to dress that let you feel more at ease.  Also, I know it’s not easy, but you really have to make peace with your body, because you can’t run away from it. You have to find the way to embrace life and summer, even though there are things that bother you. There are also a lot of things that you can do to feel better inside and out. A bit of spray tan can give you a radiant golden complexion or you can also get a manicure. Your swimsuit shouldn’t make you feel like a victim. You need to find the one that will make you feel as good as possible…!


If you had the chance to leave for a month with your family, without having to worry about anything, where would you go?

Oh… I really can’t decide between Italy and Hawaii! Besides, I invite you to read my article about my family trip to Hawaii! I still dream of the Pacific beaches, the majestic forest and the dormant volcanoes.


What are the trip essentials that you always carry with you?

My luggage is always heavy! I bring along my running shoes and everything to go for a jog. I like to run and love it even more when I’m travelling! I also always bring my pyjamas. My boyfriend LOVES air conditioning, so if I don’t want to freeze all night long, I don’t have the choice! I’m not the carry on type! I travel with my electric toothbrush, my waterproof makeup, name it!


Are you more the all included, backpack adventure or cultural trip type?

In fact, most of the time, I travel for work, and once again; I really bring everything with me. A lot of clothes, garment bags, hangers, earplugs for the plain, a suitcase with wheels. I travel heavy, but light-hearted!





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