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A memorable artist, renowned businesswoman, dedicated host, committed woman with a big heart and involved mom… This multi-talented woman has always fascinated us and we are very proud to present our new collaboration with Mitsou! We had the pleasure to create six looks for her and she passionately answered questions that we had been dying to ask! So, for starters, lets discover Mitsou’s slightly boyish side, but also the inspiring woman that she is!


As soon as we showed you our boyish look, we noticed your enthusiasm! Is it a style that you usually wear?

Yes, this look is totally me! The proof is that as soon as my makeup artist saw it, and she knows me really well, she said that it looked just like me! I love the comfort of a jean and a shirt and I particularly like the little drawings on this blouse! They remind me of ancient Egyptian amulets!


We went for boyfriend jeans. Have you adopted this trend in your everyday life?

Yes, but in fact, mine are more like mom jeans, with a higher waist! It’s so comfy. I can’t do without them anymore!


Many women admit that they steal clothes in their boyfriend’s closet. Is it sometimes your case?

Absolutely not! We really don’t have the same measurements so it doesn’t work at all!


Not even for a comfy hoodie?

No! I’ve tried, but it didn’t look good…! However, it’s definitely not because I don’t like my boyfriend’s clothes. I even consider that he dresses way better than I do! He’s really stylish!


Do you give him some fashion advice?

No, not even! He has a sharp eye to find beautiful garments! It’s innate, he knows what to wear. You can show up at anytime of the day, he’ll always look great! (LAUGH)


In your TV show Mitsou et Léa, you meet many inspiring women. We can really feel your feminist engagement and will to break taboos. Do you speak about feminism with your daughters?

Of course I do. I do it the same way that I would explain racism or any other serious issues. My girls are lucky to live in a decade like ours, and I want them to realize it. They also have the chance of having a big sister that’s 27 who’s really involved. Whether it’s feminism, racism or religion, I think there’s always a way to talk about it with kids. My girls are going to grow up in this world, so it’s important that we have these major discussions.


You come from a family of girls and you are the mother of girls only. Do you still have a hidden boyish side?

One of my bosses once said to me that I was the most feminine woman he has ever met… It’s funny because I don’t always feel that way! Maybe it’s only a matter of perception…! I’am a woman of action, so I have a strong yang side, which is more masculine. In fact, instead of using the terms feminine and masculine, I like to talk about yin and yang. In everything, there are strengths and weakness that come together to create a balance. I have a very pronounced yang side but also a strong yin side when I need it!


Are you into team sports?

NOT AT ALL! I’m scared of the ball… (LAUGH) I really don’t feel good on a field! Despite the fact that I’m always surrounded by people, whether it’s to write, to work on my articles or to prepare my radio show, I spend a lot of time alone. I’m into individual sports like yoga and jogging. However, I love team work!




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