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It’s the Season of the dress! Here are our five favourite types, and tips to look amazing when you wear them!



When summer arrives, the thin-strap dress is a must. While some may be afraid to show too much skin, we think this kind of dress is pretty easy to wear!

To make sure you feel comfortable wearing this dress, a great option is to choose it knee long. If you prefer to cover your arms, many possibilities, all trendier than the other, are available to you! Why not go boyish with a jean jacket or a sweater, or create a nice office look with a sleeveless jacket! You can also give your slip dress a stylish twist by wearing it on top of a round-neck t-shirt. There are so many ways to wear these cute little dresses this summer!

Also keep in mind that these dresses look good on any silhouette! Layering and different lengths will allow you to make them work for your figure! As for bras, we suggest a bandeau bra, unless the straps fit with the ones on your dress!




The shirtdress is a real hit! But do you know that its origin goes back quite some time! At the end of the 18th century, the idea of wearing comfortable clothes emerged. In bed, women wore long cotton and linen dresses, with large sleeves and a cordon at the waist. Does this remind you of something? Women started to wear them in the streets, without a crinoline, and it was an immediate success! At the beginning, it was mostly the nobility that wore them, but after the Revolution, they became a democratic symbol of the body liberation for everyone!

In 2017, the shirtdress is still as comfy and pleasant to wear as ever. It looks great with flat sandals but also with heels, if you want to add few inches to your silhouette. We like shirtdresses with a cordon, because it’s ideal to highlight the waist. And why not play the buttons…? Buttoned up for work and not so much for night outs!




This season, it’s all about unveiling your shoulders! We love it because it’s so cute and elegant! In the sixties, Brigitte Bardot made a killing with this gorgeous cut. This summer, it’s our turn to fall in love with it!

Silhouette tip: By going for a puffy top, your shoulders will look more delicate. V silhouette, it’s for you!



At first glance, loose dresses may not always look super flattering. However, when it comes to comfort, they really are the best… And we are unanimous; we all have one that we’ve learned to accessorize and that we would never do without! Loose dresses are perfect as they are for a picnic or any relaxed activity. For work, to go to the restaurant or even for a chic night out, you can completely transform them, just by adding a belt, heels or a big necklace. Honestly, we can’t count the times our cute sunny dress became the perfect dress for a night out!




The last, but not the least, of or top 5… the maxi dress! What we love about this one is also its simplicity and versatility. From office hours to happy hours, the ways to wear the maxi dress are almost infinite! And the best thing is that it gives you occasions to wear many garments you probably already have!

Our favourite ways to wear it?

With a knotted shirt, with a jacket, with a crop top or with a knot at the end of the dress!

PS: Contrary to what you may believe, shorter women can totally wear a maxi dress! The most important thing is simply to go for a light fabric, so it doesn’t add volume to the silhouette. And don’t forget that for a small amount of well-invested money, you can always hem your dress if need be!



What will be the dress that you can’t stop wearing this summer?


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