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Gaucho pants are a hit this season! But what are they exactly? They’re simply ample shortened pants, i.e. anywhere between the knees and the ankles. We love gauchos for their unbeatable comfort (no more squeezed thighs and calves). Even though they have a seventies’ vibe, there are MANY ways to wear them… and to love them! 



To steal the spotlight with a super distinguished look, the draped gaucho is IDEAL! Its one-of-a-kind design, combined with a light and fluid linen weave, makes it our favourite chic piece! Wear it with these gorgeous high heel sandals and this cute silk top. The final touch? Simple and refined jewellery!




To give your gaucho pant a boho vibe, this is just the ticket! The wildflower gaucho completely charmed us with its cream shade and oversized style. To complete this sweet reverie go for laced sandals and a lace cami!




Gauchos at the office? Absolutely! With its fine white and blue stripes, this one is absolutely perfect! Wear it with a white blouse and derby shoes for a super trendy professional look!




Not always easy to find a trendy and comfy outfit? This relaxed gaucho pant is now accessible! We love this pale denim combi! Wear it with sneakers and a bomber for ultimate style and comfort!




With the beautiful sunny days that have finally arrived, we really crave for an outing at the beach! This summer, these adorable culottes are coming with you! An easy slip-on waist with an elastic and adjustable tie drawstring in front allows you to put them on top of your swimsuit in no time! You’ll like the woven natural cotton-linen blend with a light comfortable feel: perfect for summer. The only thing missing to complete your beach look are nice and long necklaces… Sublime!

PS: These are culottes and not gauchos, but since they’re pretty similar, we picked them! Just so you know, here’s the difference: Gauchos are wide cropped pants that were originally worn by cowboys in Argentina. As for culottes, they were first worn in France. If you wear culottes and stand with your feet together, it’ll look like you’re wearing a skirt. Culottes are considered more of a skirt than pants.



Hoping that you’ll dare to wear gaucho pants this season! As for us, we can no longer do without them!


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