Here’s the second look we shot with Marilou! It’s inspired by one of 2017’s biggest fashion trends: the 80s! We decided to put Marilou out of her comfort zone and the result is amazing! Marilou, confident and seductive in her 80’s look, opens up about her career as a business woman!


1- The 80s were all about fitness. Movies like Flashdance perfectly illustrate that craze for sports! These days, fashion is very much inspired by the 80s and the bodysuit you’re wearing is a good example. With your very buzy schedule, do you have time to train?

The answer is… no! However, now that I think of it, my daughter weight 20 pounds and I carry her around all the time. I climb up and down the stairs, I cradle her… Having a kid IS a sport!


2- Were you into sports before?

No, I wasn’t. Now that I’m a mom, I feel more tired but I feel stronger. I’ve gained muscle tone!


3- You’ve never been attracted to fitness?

I wish… but no! I used to work out, but it was for the wrong reasons. I should get back to it, but at least, I have an active life!


4- You often wear mom jeans and they suit you perfectly! What’s your trick?

My trick? Is there any?? (LAUGH)


5- (LAUGH) I mean… what do you like to where with your mom jeans?

Ohhhh! I think there’s nothing sexier than a woman wearing mom jeans with cute ankle boots and a plain t-shirt!


6- The 80s are all about showing off. Being eccentric and provocative. Does it fit your personality?

No! From time to time, for a photo shoot, I like it… but in real life, you’ll never see me like this. Besides, it’s the first time I get a contouring makeup!


7- What type of entrepreneur are you?

I don’t think I conform to what we usually expect from an entrepreneur. Each time I ask for advice, the answers I get are the opposite of what I’m doing. It’s always about making money and I have a different perspective. I think it’s one of our strengths. I’m way more an entrepreneur with an artistic inclination than just a business woman.


8- How would you qualify your personal business approach?

More human, that’s for sure! And I really focus on the people who work with me. They are at the heart of the project. I think of them before anything else. By making sure that our team is solid, I feel like we’re able to take root. Each employee is like a tree branch. It’s the image that comes to my mind. But honestly, I almost never hear people talking like that. It’s sad…


9- Why do you think that there are only a few entrepreneurs who do things this way?

I think it has to do with the fact that people just to business the old fashion way… For example, in the music industry, the strategies are mostly outdated. But slowly, the new generation of entrepreneurs is starting to realize that the client isn’t stupid. We decided not to have any publicity in our magazine. We made a really risky decision… Money wise, it was almost a suicide! But we found a way to make it work. We thought about the consumers and not only about us.


10 - When you start a new project, do you make a business plan?

Now I do. When I started, I was more concerned with what interested me, very specifically… So at the beginning, it was more intuitive. Now it’s more structured.


11- You mentioned earlier the music industry. You started in this business as a singer when you were quite young. Has this contributed to building your entrepreneurial vision?

More or less. I come from a family of business people. I always felt that I would be an entrepreneur one day. But, even though I’ve learned to be more structured, O really build my business instinctively. Often, my instinct doesn’t make any sense… but I listen to it anyway. Often, we look at numbers, but the heart speaks better. I know it sounds completely cheesy, but it’s true!


12- When you’re told that your plans are not going to work, does it make you feel insecure?

Yes! It’s very frightening and it happens all the time! I told you about the magazine, but there’s also my line of clothing for kids. Retailing is not going well these days and people are always reminding me of that. Even well-known entrepreneurs… But I trust my instinct. I don’t listen to them. I do my own thing. Sometimes, I fail, but at least, I learn from that. I don’t regret it because I listen to myself. I prefer to make my own decisions and deal with the consequences!


13- Let’s get back to your look. Is the leather jacket in your comfort zone?

I’m not really a leather girl… but I like it with a cute girly outfit! I should get one!


14- Queen, ABBA, Cindy Lauper, Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna… Are you an 80’s music fan?

I’m not really good at putting a date on the music I listen to. For me, there are old hits and today’s hits. I prefer the old ones. I love the music that my parents used to listen to! In my car, I really enjoy listening to the Throwback Thursday playlist on Spotify!



If you missed it, here's how to incorportate 80s fashion trends into your wardrobe!



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