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Decorating the Christmas tree with all the family, leaving a sweet snack for Santa who works so hard on Christmas Eve, putting on your Sunday dress, going to Midnight Mass, eating too much of grandma’s cream fudge… We all have our Christmas memories and traditions that we remember with a hint of nostalgia…!

We’ve created Maxim’s look by digging into our own sweet Christmas memories. Our guide line: a cute and slightly retro look! We wanted something trendy, which could also recall old-fashioned Christmases! It’s no secret, we love mixing textures. This velvet sweater, a metallic pleated skirt and these leopard ballerinas… Isn’t this a pretty trio?


Let’s discover what Maxim has to say about her Christmases!





What does Christmas means to you?

For me, Christmas is all about nostalgia and childhood… Christmas with my family was a really nice tradition. On each Christmas Eve, the same ritual: At 8p.m., my mother would tell me: ''Go to bed, just like you do when it’s for the whole night'', and at 12:05p.m., she would wake me up and tell me that Santa had just been to our house. It was so exciting!


And you would actually sleep for real?

Of course! I didn’t have a choice. She used to tell me that Santa wouldn’t come if I wasn’t asleep. Waking up just after midnight was magical! We would go into the living room and… sure enough… the presents were under the Christmas tree!!! Later, we would attend the mass! It was like that back then. We didn’t go to church at 8p.m. like today. Once, I celebrated Christmas with my nephews, like in the Good Old Days! I babysat all five of them. I told them: ''It’s very simple… If you don’t sleep, Santa won’t stop by my house!''… And I’ll tell you what, they slept! When we woke them up, it was really magical. All of this makes me feel very nostalgic. When I was young, we had two gifts and that was it. Today, I feel like it’s almost a competition of giving more and more and bigger and bigger!


It seems like traditions mean a lot to you?

Yeah, really. My father died twelve years ago. It changes a lot of things. Sometimes, I decorate and everything, but if I’m not into a relationship at that time… Well, I’m alone and… not a lot goes on! Last year, I spent Christmas alone, but it was over before I even had time to notice. I was part of the jury for the Canadian Screen Awards and that kept me really busy. I had to look at 55 movies…That’s four every day! Otherwise, Christmas is not a holiday for everyone, so Moksha Yoga is open on the 24th and 25th of December, like any other day. However, I told myself that if I’m single this year, I’m going away. I won’t stay here at -20 degrees!


When is it acceptable to start listening to Christmas music?

I think it should be illegal to play Christmas music before November 25th. Not before the American Thanksgiving. It’s 1 month before Christmas and that should mark the beginning of the holiday season… Not the day after Halloween!! I think it starts even earlier… It’s ridiculous because it ends up dulling our enthusiasm. If I was prime minister, it would be a law! (Laugh) And again, about traditions… What I listen to are old Christmas songs! Bing Crosby (White Christmas), Dean Martin, Tony Bennett… old crooners!


Do you believe in magic?

… Well, Santa doesn’t exist and I know it. I think they would put me in the cuckoo’s nest if I still believed in it! But… I did for a long time! And even today, I feel like there is something magical about Christmas movies! I watch Frosty the Snowman every year when it’s on TV!


Do you think about your look long before Christmas?

It depends of my love life...  On the 24th, if I’m with someone, I really like to put on pyjamas. I find it romantic. And the next day, we dress up nicely and eat with the family.


Do you like to have people over?

Yes, I do! But it’s a lot of planning for me because I’m not a very good cook. I try to clean up while I cook but it always gets messy…!


Have you ever cooked a turkey?

(Laugh) Yes I have… and all that goes with it. But I can’t say it was really good! When I was younger, I was a better cook, but I’ve lost the touch because work has kept me away from home quite a lot. Anyways, I don’t eat meat, except for chicken and fish sometimes. I make good fish and pasta.


For Christmas, did you like to dress up, or did you just wear big sweaters that your aunt had knitted for you?

I liked to put on my little Sunday dress…! I had two. I would ask my mom to do up my lips with some red lipstick. I think the old movies that I watched inspired me… I’m sure I come from another time! The 50s, the music from that decade, the fashion… I feel a connection with all of it. Even when I was young, I was attracted to that!


So today, we’re right on with our wide retro skirt and the velvet sweater?

Totally! I love this retro look. It makes me want to dress up this year. Once, I told my boyfriend: ''Let’s get dressed this year!'' And the year after, everyone was chic!



We want to know, what are your favourite Christmas traditions?

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