Photo credit: Andréanne Gauthier


For those how don’t know it yet, we are really happy to inform you that Maxim Roy is our new ambassador! When we decided to have someone represent our concept, we immediately thought of Maxim. She’s a natural beauty, both physically and mentally. We love her style, a little boyish, simple but always flawless! Maxim is an actress, but first and foremost, she’s a great human being.  

We had the pleasure to create looks inspired by her favorite pieces and chat with her. Every second weeks, we will invite you into Maxim’s world.  


 Photo credit: Andréanne Gauthier


Between shoots, while Maxim was getting her hair and makeup done, she answered our questions, casually and without fuss, like she would have with friends on a terrace…!


You wanted to wear something from La Montréalaise Atelier. Are you a fan of their products?

Yes, I have a lot! I’ve always loved Sabrina Barilà’s creations. I used to buy her dresses before she created La Montréalaise!


What does local purchasing mean to you?

I really try to encourage Canadian designers. I travel a lot and I like to show what people from home can do. It highlights the place I come from.


You often have shootings outside of Canada, for example, in L.A. for Shadowhunters. Do you find it important to put forward your Montreal identity, when you are far from here?

When I’m away, I often walk around with my La Montréalaise sweater and people are always asking questions. I love it!


When you were young, did you already have a great sense of style, or you didn’t really mind what you were wearing?

Ohh that’s complicated… When I was a teen?


At the time you started to choose your clothes by yourself.

I grew up on a farm with three brothers… Let’s say it had a huge influence on my style! But in fact, until the age of twelve, I was secretly a romantic! I used to love wearing cute little dresses. With my brothers, I was a little bit of a tomboy… I didn’t have a choice. But in my private world, I was a romantic. I had two pretty dresses for Sunday Mass, and I was super excited to get to wear them! It was one of those occasions where I could act like a little girl. Usually, I felt like I couldn’t be delicate with all the guys around.


Do still have that girly side?

I admire women who take the time to do their hair and makeup and dress well. I used to do it more often, but I think it changed because of my career. I tend to associate makeup and dresses with work, so in my private life, my style is pretty simple. I once played a doctor and it was so great! I was wearing comfy clothes and running shoes! Back home, I felt like putting on makeup and fancy clothes. But when you spend your days wearing high heels and dresses, you just want to put on sweatpants.


Finally, what’s the most surprising style you’ve ever had?

There are many…! When I first arrived in Montreal, I bought myself a bowler hat. I used to wear a black scarf underneath. It gave me a special look… And I had stolen my father’s old wool coat from the fifties. I had no money so I was wearing what I had and trying to have my own style!


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